Embracing the Season

My favorite time of year…fall. It’s a time for pumpkins, over-priced holiday coffees at Starbucks, warmer blankets, and campfires…The best time for all to be #basic. Jokes aside, the shifting of seasons reminds me of the work of God within our own lives. “Fall is a reminder that Jesus is the only one who can … More Embracing the Season

Recovery from Sexual and Relational Brokeness

Within my department Restoration and Recovery at IHOPKC, we believe and proclaim in various ways the transforming power of the gospel to those who find themselves stuck in the mire of sexual and relational brokenness. We create spaces and programs for the modern day Mary Magdalenes and prodigal sons to find a way home in the very core … More Recovery from Sexual and Relational Brokeness

If It Feels Good, Do it?

The last 60 years of history has been marked by the statement “If it feels good, then do it.”  The call to become good has been sacrificed and replaced by feeling good (Comiskey).  Our bodies, which we once considered to be “Temples of the Holy Spirit” have become harems— a dwelling place of indulgence– housing strangers and … More If It Feels Good, Do it?

Andy Comiskey Quote

“Some wonder why this ‘cross-walk’ takes a lifetime. At times it may feel as if the depth of same-gender attraction supersedes the power of divine love. The truth is deeper still. Jesus is taking ground in our very depths, preparing for Himself a people who know Him in the very center of their thoughts, desires, … More Andy Comiskey Quote


I want to be perfect! I was to be flawless in appearance, virtue, in my capacity to give and contain love with God, with others, and toward myself. I want my life to me free from exterior and interior blemishes and distortions. There is something within me that wants to break free from every present-reminder … More PERFECTIONISM